Helping Low Income University Students

At many of our universities across the nation, there are students who are on full financial scholarships, but who still cannot afford laptops, textbooks, and even clothing. 

Milaana Helps Its First Student!

In September 2018, we were able to help our first student from Vanderbilt University. This student is currently a senior and a recipient of a full scholarship, but did not have the funds to buy a functional laptop. Performing their studies with a near-broken laptop for the past three years was putting a extreme burden on their education and was keeping them at a severe disadvantage. Milaana connected this student with an anonymous donor who bought the student a new laptop! Here is what the student had to say after receiving this gift: 

"The laptop donation was really empowering. Now that I have the tools I needed to succeed, I've been feeling like nothing can really stop me now."